This One Trick will Make You Stand Out in Facebook Groups

If you spend lots of time networking in Facebook groups, you can really benefit from this tip!

? You can create a custom Facebook profile for each different group that you belong to. This lets you spotlight your expertise or interest to people in that specific group.

Most Facebook pros don’t know how to stand out in groups – but if you follow Sam’s instructions, you will!

  • 00:00 : What are Facebook group profiles?
  • 00:13 : Why do you want to have a group profile?
  • 00:48 : How to create your profile on computer (example 1)
  • 03:15 : What does a group profile look like on mobile?
  • 03:41 : Group profile example 2 (you can have more than 1!)
  • 05:33 : ? How to create a group profile on your mobile device

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