Introducing Your 24×7 Assistant

Our team members love you, but they love their families too so they aren’t available 24×7.

But, since we know agents often work around the clock we created a powerful tool that will make your life as an agent easier anytime of day or night.

The Firefly Agent Portal.

Below is a video that pulls back the curtain and lets you get a sense for how it can help you.

We’ll start with the Agent Dashboard which among other things makes it easy to see which carriers you have been appointed with, what your agent code is with each of them, and important information you’ll want to know about each carrier as you work with them:

Whether you use our Warm Lead Program or you are Commercial Approved you’ll be able to find helpful contact information, tools, and insights to help you make the most of your new commercial outlets:

Tracking carrier appointments and answering you commercial questions anytime of day are just two of the many ways your 24×7 assistant will make your life easier and just one of the many reasons you’ll love it!

Learn more about what Firefly can do for you by downloading our free ebook.