How to Turn Facebook Likes into Insurance Leads

Why Facebook Engagement and Page Likes Matter

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Facebook business page likes and post engagement both matter because both can help you reach more potential customers – for free. When people like/follow your page, they are more likely to see your posts in their news feed. Engagement with posts helps boost your posts’ News Feed placement based on the Facebook algorithm (which you can click here to learn more about).

More engagement (likes, shares, and comments) means your post is more likely to be shown to your audience’s extended network (2nd degree connections), which introduces your agency to people who wouldn’t normally be exposed to you.

This might sound a bit familiar, because it is. This is the same reason that if you push for marketing engagement on your personal Facebook profile that you need to have your posts set to public so that your audience’s 2nd degree connections can see your posts. If you have not done this already and you want to, you can take a detour and read more about marketing from your personal Facebook profile HERE.

In short, Page Likes matter because when more people like your page, more people will see your posts. The more likes each one of your posts gets, the more likely that Facebook’s algorithms will kick in and show your post to more people, including 2nd-degree connections.

Watch the Modern Agent Webinar

This webinar is PACKED with examples, tips, online tools, and experiences to help you start having success with Facebook. You can watch it here. (Be sure to maximize the video size.) Without a doubt, growing your book of business through Facebook is a skill of any Modern Agent.

Also, be sure to watch the video just a little below this one. In it, agent Brandon Bergana explains how he uses social media to generate sales. You can learn a lot from him.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Page likes and engagement are great and all, but a page like does not make me money.”
Technically, you are correct. But . . .
. . . watch this video and see out how Brandon Bergana has turned 1,800 Facebook friends and 1,100 business page likes into SALES. Brandon has grown a successful agency that hired its first staff member in 2021.

Facebook’s Algorithm

Would you like to know how Facebook decides what information to show on a person’s news feed? If so, follow this link to learn about it. This information might help you catch the vision of how you can turn likes into leads.

Learn more about Facebook’s Algorithm in this article.

Make your Facebook Page Easy to Find

Create links to your social pages and put them everywhere you can, including on:

  • Your personal Facebook profile
  • Your agency’s website
  • And in your email signature

It’s easy to find and use social media icons for your website and for your email. You can get them on Google by searching for “social media icons” or you can use the Social Media Icons from this website.

You can see an example email signature that includes these icons here:

image 10

Actively Invite People to Like Your Page

Here are a few ways you can do it:

  • When you’re finishing up a sale, tell your customers about your page and ask them to like it.
  • Then send a welcome email to clients inviting them to like your social pages.
  • Invite your friends and family to like your page. (Learn how in the video above, and in the videos below.)
  • THEN, ask your friends, family, and employees to invite their friends on Facebook to like your page as well.

Are you in Facebook groups? If so, and if allowed by group admins, post about your page in the group, inviting people to like your page and reach out to you for their insurance needs. If you don’t know if the admins will allow it, reach out to them and ask!

How to invite friends to like your Facebook page on MOBILE

How to invite friends to like your Facebook page on a COMPUTER

Turning Facebook Page Engagement into Leads

What Brandon does that many businesses miss in their Facebook marketing is that he engages directly with those who engage with him. Check out 7:35 in the video where Brandon discusses what he does, which includes:

  • Checking those who engage with his page and his posts and going to their Facebook profiles
  • Individually reaching out to them to thank them for liking his page and telling them a little about himself.
  • He includes click buttons and calls to actions within his post, to increase the likelihood of direct contact from prospects.

How can you make this process of individually reaching out to potential customers easy?

  • Create a pre-canned message you can copy and paste to send via Facebook messenger.

The bottom line is that engaging with your customers on social media like Brandon does is one of the few ways you can get leads without spending money. It’s also the foundation you’ll need if you want to start doing Facebook advertising (more on that in future trainings!).

There’s no time like the present, so get started today!