E, I, E&O

Agents working with Firefly are required to have E&O coverage in the amount of at least $1 million per occurrence. There are two ways you can meet this requirement:

1) You can buy your own policy, or if you already have coverage in place, it may suffice. Show us your certificate of coverage and we can confirm this for you.
2) You could also buy your coverage from Utica National, at a discounted rate through Firefly. If you choose this option, you not only get a great price, but our automated system gets your coverage in place within about one week of signing up. This gets you off to a faster start than if you were doing it on your own.

Either way, Firefly must be named as an additional insured. That way, we will be notified if your coverage is canceled.

There’s one more benefit of the Utica policy:

You have to get your E&O coverage in place before your carrier appointment forms can be submitted. Our automated onboarding process gets you your E&O within a few days of completing the application. This lets you start writing business as soon as possible.

Learn more about E&O

E&O insurance isn’t anyone’s favorite topic. But it’s super-important that you understand how it works.

In one of our Modern Agent sessions we invited an E&O expert to share examples of misunderstandings that agents have about this critical coverage. You can watch the webinar and download helpful PDFs by clicking this image:

EO Thumbnail Firefly insurance agency Modern Agent