Tips for Creating Social Media Posts for Insurance Agents

In order to be successful with social media marketing, you need to have well written and visually pleasing content that gives your brand an authentic voice. That content also needs to be posted consistently and posted at the ideal time to reach your intended audience.

The article below discusses and provides resources to help you:

  • Create an authentic brand voice
  • Create a content schedule
  • Post content in the right place
  • Post at the right time consistently
  • And create unique, engaging posts with strong “Calls to Action”

The Authentic Brand Voice

Your brand voice is the distinct personality your brand takes on in its communications.

  • Is your brand voice the life of the party? Do you use tons of emojis in your posts? Is everything sunshine and rainbows?
  • Is your brand voice about community and lifting others up? Do you post tagging local businesses and promoting others?
  • Is your brand voice a comedian? Are you really “punny”? Are you full of insurance jokes?

Building an authentic brand voice that represents you and your brand is key for businesses on social media.

  • In contrast, posts without a brand voice, posts that are just shared, pre-canned content does not build or contribute to your brand voice. These types of posts also tend to generate less engagement due to Facebook’s algorithms. Example: Travelers Toolkit or Foremost Social Media Suitcase Posts: When is the last time you saw a post like the below with likes on it?
Travelers Toolkit and other automated carrier posts don’t get engagement.

Post at an Ideal Frequency

Some sites may recommend you post on your Facebook business page and other social media channels daily. That may work for some businesses, but in working with insurance agents, Firefly has not found that to be as effective.

We’ve found that for insurance, typically posting 2-3 times weekly is ideal.

You can read more recommendations on post frequency from Hootsuite here.

Post at the Ideal Times for Each Social Channel

Here are ideal times to post on social media from Sprout Social.

Experiment with a different times and days to find your ideal posting time.

Create a Content Schedule in Advance

Planning your social media content in advance will:

  • Ensure consistency of your posts
  • Reduce stress of figuring out last minute posts
  • You are more likely to create well written and engaging content when it is created in advance.

This article from Hootsuite discusses the benefits of and how to create a social media calendar.

Post in the Right Place

Certain content will perform better in certain social platforms due in large part to”

  • The platform’s audience
  • The platform’s content type and layout

Posting on LinkedIn is very unlikely to get you personal lines clients. Since it is a business platform, creating content that targets businesses is more likely to yield results. Create marketing content that caters to that platform’s audience.

An Instagram reel can be easily cross posted to Facebook and it will likely perform better there than on LinkedIn. That is because Instagram “Reels” have their own section in Facebook’s newsfeed. FB and Instagram are also better catered to video content than LinkedIn. Create marketing content that takes into account the platform’s layout and best performing content types.

Use Call to Actions

A Call to Action (or CTA) is part of a website, advertisement, or piece of content which encourages the audience to ACT. Calls to Action take many forms like:

  • A “Call Now” or “Message” button on a Facebook post or a Facebook ad.
  • A saved text message signature for all your texts with a link to your website or a “Text or call me now for an auto and home quote” message.
  • A link to get a quote on your landing page in your website.

Hootsuite discusses how to write effective CTAs, with examples in this article.

Create Unique Posts

If possible, try to avoid purchasing images or using free online images from sites like Unsplash or Pixaby.

Get some agency branded gear, take some photos, create infographics or other images using online software like befunky (collage maker), Picfont (add text to picture), Giphy or EZgif (create a gif) or the thousands of other image, meme, or gif generators you can find via Google.

Write Good Copy

I saved this bit for last, as their is no magic button to writing good content. But if you’ve read all the above, you should know:

Your posts need a brand voice.
You need to use calls to action in your posts.
You need to use unique images or videos.
You need to create posts that speak to your intended audience

Other Tips on Writing Good Social Media Copy:

  • Avoid the “wall of text”. Posts should be visual, not word heavy. Keep posts short and sweet. If posts are longer, be sure to use bullet points or headers to highlight key points.
  • When creating content that is meant to be helpful, make sure that it is genuinely beneficial to your audience. Spring cleaning tips from Travelers are not beneficial to your end client.
  • Trigger your audiences emotions, when possible. Nostalgia is also a good way to reach your audience. If comedy is a talent of yours, use it!
  • Offer incentives- consider gift cards for quotes, free branded gear, giveaways, etc. These can make for good visual posts and also can generate engagement.
  • Use Video content! While written copy is great, video is even better. If you can say and show instead of write, do it!