Why do Insurance Agents Fail?

They say that failure isn’t fatal. But it can still hurt! When you open your own independent insurance agency, we want to help you steer […]

90% Commission Split. Always.

Graphic displaying "90%".

As you consider options to grow your agency, you’ll find there are plenty of insurance aggregators, clusters, and networks out there. Each has their own […]

What Makes Firefly Different?

Firefly logo animation.

Many organizations can get agents appointed with insurance carriers. You may be wondering what makes Firefly different from those companies. Our answer is… 1. More […]

What Questions Should you be Asking?

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Hopefully you’re researching as much as you can to decide which outlet offers the right solution for you. Agents sometimes request a list of questions […]

What About Life Insurance?

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Firefly agents have more insurance options to help their customers with home, car, and business insurance than almost anyone. But what about life insurance? Thanks […]