Does Firefly Work with Brand New Agents?

Insurance companies often give the impression that they only want to appoint agents who already have “great skills.” New or inexperienced agents might feel like outcasts, and carriers may not be willing or able to give them adequate training.

If this has been your experience, or if you are a novice agent hoping to avoid such a situation, you’ll be relieved to know that Firefly can work with agents who have limited experience.

However, there are still cases in which we really aren’t a good fit for beginners. When asking “Does Firefly work with new agents?”, the answer depends on what you mean by “new.”

You have insurance experience, but no current customers

Maybe you’ve worked in the insurance industry. You know how to get in front of prospects. Maybe people are even asking you to give them quotes. But you don’t have any of your own carrier appointments or a current book of business.

In this case, we will absolutely work with you–as long as we’re a good fit.

You have sales experience, but not with insurance

What if you have lots of sales experience, but you’ve never worked in the insurance industry? In this case we’d say probably not.

We look for at least one solid year of insurance experience, to give us confidence that you know your way around the world of insurance. Do you know how to help someone determine what limit of liability they should choose for themselves? Do you know what an umbrella covers? Would you know the risks related to a customer who has a home-based business?

If we determine you know enough about insurance, we can make it work. If not, you would need to be more familiar with the industry before joining our team.

No sales experience, and no insurance background

If you are new to sales and have never worked in the insurance industry, we won’t be able to help you. The learning curve is simply too steep.

Between industry knowledge, carrier appetites, marketing effectively to prospects, and quoting in different systems, an agent with no experience at all will struggle to succeed.

We don’t want to set anyone up for failure, so we recommend that a person in this situation get some experience elsewhere before joining Firefly.

What else matters?

If you would like to join our team, there are some specific qualities we look for when we consider working with new agents.  Our list focuses on compatibility.

If we refer you to a competitor, it is not because we don’t think you could be a good agent. It’s because we might not be your best solution. And if that’s the case, let’s acknowledge it early rather than figure it out after you’ve started building your business with us.

Sometimes, our competitors are unable to get agents appointed because they are simply too new to the insurance business. If you are well-suited to Firefly’s business model, we can still get you appointed in this situation.

Let’s talk soon. Whether or not Firefly turns out to be best for you, we’ll do everything we can to help you find your best fit. Then you can develop “great skills” in your insurance career, wherever you land!