Add Live Chat to Your Agency Website

Firefly agency live chat phone example

Why Does Live Chat Matter?

Adding live chat to your agency’s website will instantly make your website a power tool to help you attract and retain customers. ✔️

This great Forbes article explains that quick responsiveness to customer questions is hugely important to them. This kind of tool is one of the five ways they suggest you can use to wow your customers.

Live chat for your insurance agency may seem like it would be difficult to set up and use, or be impossible for you to do. We know from experience that it’s not!

You really CAN do this!

Watch This Video About Live Chat:

Heather McIntyre and Jaime Graham, both of Firefly’s Customer Experience Team, have personally researched and tested a variety of live chat vendors. They, and Sara, share with you what they learned, so you can implement live chat yourself.

The video includes much more than we can write up in text on this page. Watch it all, or use the chapter markings in the video to jump to the sections that you’re most interested in:

Here’s what’s covered in the video:

  • 00:00 : Introduction
  • 00:46 : Meet Sara, Jaime, and Heather
  • 02:19 : Benefits and uses of live chat
  • 03:49 : How live chat helps insurance agencies grow
  • 04:51 : Chart of live chat benefits and uses
  • 05:22 : Live chat makes your website come alive!
  • 05:49 : ? Tip: Start with a free or trial version first
  • 06:14 : Firefly’s experiments with 3 live chat systems
  • 09:52 : ➡️ How to add live chat to your own website
  • 12:16 : Benefits and hurdles of chatbots
  • 13:56 : Example chatbot flowchart
  • 14:58 : Example of chatbot flow we use at Firefly
  • 15:43 : ? Our best tips for using chat on your site
  • 17:57 : Here are Firefly’s real life chat stats
  • 18:46 : Wix: Low cost chat option
  • 19:58 : Pricing is usually per user
  • 20:24 : Chatbots are optional
  • 21:08 : When a chat is about a claim

Benefits and Uses of Live Chat

In the video above, our team discusses the benefits shown in this image.

Benefits and uses of live chat

Along the way, our team researched many live chat service providers. They set them up on our website and experimented with them to see and feel what the differences were. Here are the three main ones that they tried out:

Tips for Using Live Chat in Your Agency

Here are some things that our team learned while experimenting with live chat. In the video they discuss many of these topics. Don’t miss out on learning from their successes and mistakes!

Live Chat Tips from Firefly Insurance Agency

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We thank Heather McIntyre and Jaime Graham for their contributions to this article.