About Producers and Locations

Prospective agents often ask, “can I have people work as producers for me?”

In short, the answer is: Yes!

Here’s what you need to know:

Many agents run successful agencies with no employees. Adding good producers and CSRs can help you grow your agency to be larger than you can do alone. However, their mistakes could also harm your reputation and hurt your business.

Because you are the agency principal, the buck stops with you if things go wrong.

If your producer’s lack of documentation or giving inaccurate information results in an E&O claim, you are the one who will have to pay your E&O deductible.

When you add a producer or CSR, you are responsible for them. You need to train them on your carriers. You need to make sure they describe and sell insurance the same way you do. You need to make sure they write proper coverage and document everything they do, so that you can grow with confidence.

Our carriers trust us and hold us accountable for profitability for the entire agency. We in turn hold you accountable to do your best to write profitable business. If you have producers, we consider it your responsibility to make sure they do the same.

Producers must meet the standards of carriers and of Firefly. So if you have someone in mind to be your producer, the sooner you discuss it with us, the better.

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